Behind every statistic is a real human story with the power to overcome. People who encounter domestic violence are often forced into silence because of the fear instilled in them by their perpetrators. Local South African tea brank, Joko, commissioned this PSA campaign in support of those affected by domestic violence. Produced by a predominantly female led team, Joko partnered with POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) to raise awareness about gender based violence. Three brave survivors shared their stories through their poetry, coupled with three public figures who added their voices in support of ending the cycle of violence. With this campaign, Joko POWA, invited South Africans to add their voices to #EndDomesticSilence, by recording voice notes to the President during the annual 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children urging the government to prioritise three new Bills specifically designed to tackle the country’s deplorable status quo: seven women are killed every day and a reported 40% to 50% of men have admitted to perpetrating physical partner violence.